Bali blog 2:- What we got up to! (+ surprise day in Dubai)

I was hoping to write some blogs sooner than this about what we got up to in Bali etc… but we ended up having a bit of a nightmare on the journey home!

Just for some background, Me, Adrian, and our 2 best friends stayed for a month in a villa in Ubud, Bali as well as a quick visit to Gili T and Dubai aswell.

In this blog I’ll talk about what we got up to during our month away when we weren’t just chilling at the villa 🙂 Hopefully this will give anyone who is thinking of visiting Bali some ideas of things to do!

Goa Gajah (Elephant Temple)

One of the first places we visited was Goa Gajah temple in Ubud. The carving on the outside of the temple was amazing but the inside was just a small dark cave – there wasnt really anything to see inside.

In all of our opinions, the best part of the visit was walking around the grounds.

The temple was just a short drive from our villa and only cost around £5 to visit. At the entrance there were lots of locals selling sarongs (you needed to cover your legs and shoulders to enter.) However at the entrance we all got one given to us to use whilst we were inside for free.

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Kanto Lampo is right near where we stayed aswell, it was one of the less touristy waterfalls in the area. We got there at around 9am I think, when we arrived there was hardly anyone there!

Sunset on the beach

On Christmas eve Adrian and I went to Batu Bolong beach to watch the sun go down and for a few drinks – this actually ended up being one of my favourite things we did the whole time!

It was honestly one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen and apparently it looks that good pretty much every evening at 6pm!

Campuhan ridge walk at Sunrise

Adrian and I also did the sunrise ridge walk in ubud, it meant waking up at 5am but it was worth it! The view of the sun rising next to the volcano was incredible, we got there at about 5.30am when it was still dark and we were the only people there, by 6.30 it was really crowded!

New years eve in Seminyak

We decided to go to the beach in Seminyak for New years eve to bring in 2020.

There were lots of beach clubs and bars having events with fireworks and people setting off their own on the beach which was kind of crazy but good to watch! I’ll put a video below 🙂

Surfing in Legian

Surfing is something that has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember! We decided to book our lessons with MySurf School Bali through Airbnb as they had good reviews and it was a really good price with lots included!

They provided all the equipment and everything and the lessons were 1:2 so we had 2 instructors between the 4 of us! We all went into it thinking we were going to be terrible at it but we all managed to stand up alot of the time!

Ill leave the details to MySurfSchool below so you can check them out :

– Instagram: @mysurf_school_bali

– Airbnb link: MySurf School Bali

River rafting on the Ayung river

The next day we did another Airbnb experience, river rafting, again this is something I’ve always wanted to try! We did it for about 2 hours, and it was actually really good fun!

The experience also included lunch back at the centre and they had some good vegan food too!

Gili Trawangan

We had also decided we wanted to squeeze in a short trip to Gili T at the end of our visit because we had seen alot of good things about it online and alot of the Instagram influencers made it look amazing!

We actually called it the catfish island though because we really didn’t like it and it was nothing like the pictures at all!

It was supposed to have some of the best beaches ever, and they look soooo good in pictures but they aren’t especially clean and theres so many sharp rocks and corals that you cant even get in the sea without pain 😂

We literally walked the entire way around the island and couldn’t even find one nice beach to swim or snorkel in, even at the northern tip of the island which is know for great snorkelling!

Luckily our hotel had a nice pool and it wasnt busy at all so we spent most of our time there. So overall I probably wouldnt reccomend Gili T to anyone 🤐


On the 12th of Jan we left for the airport to catch our flight home… However, when we arrived we were told our flight had been put on a 10 and a half hour delay! 😖

This was due to flooding in Dubai… we already couldn’t believe our bad luck… the one day that we fly home it floods in the desert!

Just our luck…

We were put in a hotel for a few hours in Bali and came back the following day to the airport. Because of the delays we had missed our connecting flight back to London, so we had to get on the flight to Dubai without a flight home!

When we got to Dubai DXB we were told that there wasnt any flights until 2 days later and that we would be put in another hotel in Dubai until then. We were told our bags would be delivered to our hotel after waiting for hours and countless phone calls we discovered that our bags were still in Bali and didn’t even get on our flight! So obviously they never came! (Thanks alot Emirates….🙄)

We were sooo lucky with the hotel that we were put in in Dubai. We stayed at JA Resorts: Palm Tree Court. The staff at the hotel were SO helpful and friendly – the chef was amazing too, he even made separate meals for us because we are vegan. After such a nightmare journey it was so good to have some proper food 😁

We spent our day in Dubai at the worlds biggest mall because we needed to buy new clothes and underwear etc as we had nothing to wear without our luggage!

The aquarium in Dubai Mall

So even though we had such a terrible journey home we did end up being able to see a little bit of Dubai which was pretty cool. It’s a place that never really appealed to me before, but after seeing some of it I would love to go back and spend more time there!

So we are all home now and just starting the battle of travel insurance and airline claims with Emirates which is unbelievably annoying as no one seems to want to give over any of the information or documents that we need 😭 it’s a shame that this is how the trip ended but it was still an amazing experience to see a completely different part of the world and see and do so many new things!

Thanks for reading!!